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There are many opportunities for foreign nationals to come to America for temporary work. If you have a need for temporary, non-agricultural based employees, let our experienced Cleveland visa attorney guide you through the process.

Who Qualifies for an H2B Visa

In order for a visa recipient to qualify for this visa, the petitioner or employer must establish that there are currently not enough American citizens willing, able, qualified and available to work in the position needed. Additionally, the petitioner also needs to prove employing an H2B Visa worker will not negatively impact the wages or working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers. Lastly, they must provide proof that the employment will be temporary, or seasonal.

H2B Visa Cap

There is currently a system in place by congress that places a limit on how many H2B visas they can issue to foreign nationals. Congress can issue 66,000 visas per fiscal year but that number is split in half and 33,000 are available the first half and 33,000 the second half of the year. If the cap is not met during the first half of the year, then the amount will carry over to the second half. If the total visa cap is not met during the fiscal year it does not carry over into the next year.

Qualifying Countries

In order to qualify for an H2B visa, you must be a national of a country approved by the Secretary of Homeland Security. A list of the countries approved can be found on the USCIS website. If a national from a country wishes to apply then the Secretary of Homeland Security can review their application and decide if supplying that individual with an H2B visa is in the best interest of the U.S.

Length of Stay

Typically the H2B visa length lasts as long as the work is needed for up to a year. After that year, your employer may petition to have your visa stay extended for 1 year at a time for a maximum of 3 years total. One an H2B visa beneficiary has stayed the maximum of three years, they must leave the U.S. for a period of three months before applying for readmission as an H2B nonimmigrant.

Interested in Petitioning for an H2B Visa?

If you are an employer looking to petition a foreign national to work for you, you may be overwhelmed by the complex process and paperwork involved. When you contact a Cleveland H2B visa attorney, we can handle the paperwork and filing processes for you so you don’t have to deal with it while trying to manage your business.

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