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H1-B Visa Petitions for Specialty Occupations

Are you wondering whether or not you will qualify for the H1-B visa? This visa will allow foreign nations who bring special skills or have occupations where the United States needs assistance. These specialty occupations might include architecture, engineering, medicine, art, education, theology, and art. The Immigration and National Act (INA) established that H1-B visas are typically granted up to three years, but can be renewed for another three years.

What Are the First Steps?

There are only 85, 000 H1-B visas granted every year. An employer must file a petition. This is Form-129, the Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, which must be completed at least six months before the visa date begins. As the worker, you must have already been given a job offer, and employers must comply with the federal minimum wage requirements.

The job must meet one of these qualifications:

  • The job requires that the worker has some type of degree
  • The type of work is so complex that the employee must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree
  • The work can only be performed by someone who holds a Bachelor’s Degree or higher

The worker must also meet one of these three following requirements:

  • Must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent type of degree from a university or college
  • Have attained full certification or licensing to perform the required job (can be attained in home country)
  • Have received a certification that is equivalent to academic training, or have had 12 years of experience in their field

Another way to qualify for the H1-B visa is if you founded a business and you have met the above requirements. This is a particular H1-B visa form designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

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