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Green Cards for Siblings in Cleveland

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Do you have a sibling outside the United States? Do you wish to have them join you here permanently? You can! U.S. citizens over the age of 21 may petition for permanent residency on behalf of their sibling, allowing them to obtain a green card. No matter where you are in the state of Ohio, we can help your sibling obtain a visa.

The United States Customs and Immigration Services defines “sibling” as:

  • Blood-related siblings
  • Adopted siblings
  • Step-siblings

The process for obtaining permanent residency is immensely complex, even for U.S. citizens, and the wait time can be extremely long. This means you will want to ensure you follow the process correctly the first time to avoid having their application rejected. At Sintsirmas & Mueller Co. L.P.A., we know first-hand how difficult it can be to navigate through an immigration matter. We offer more than 50 years of collective experience to each of our clients, walking them through their application and interview with personalized, custom attention to maximize their chances of success. We break down the specifics of your case to help you gain a full understanding of what’s next and how you can best approach your immigration issue.

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Blood-Related Siblings

In order to petition for a green card on behalf of a blood-related sibling, you must establish that you and your sibling share a parent. This can be done by providing copies of your birth certificate showing that you share at least one parent. However, if you only share a father, you must also bring certificates showing marriage between your father and each mother, and show that each marriage was ended legally.

Adopted Siblings

If you or your sibling has been adopted, then whichever of you was adopted must submit an adoption decree from your home country, and show that the adoption took place before the 16th birthday.

Step Siblings

If the petitioning citizen and their sibling are related through a step-parent, then the application must also include a few extra pieces of documentation. First, you must also include documents of any prior marriages for both parents were legally terminated. Second, you must also include a marriage certificate between the natural and step-parent.

Waiting Period

Once you have successfully completed the application, the USCIS will send your sibling a notice with a priority date. Within 4-6 months, the USCIS will reach a decision regarding your petition; if it is accepted, it will be forwarded to the National Visa Center, where it will remain until your priority date becomes current. This will take several years, and could even take longer for those from China, India, Mexico, and the Philippines, where the wait times are longer.

Once your priority date becomes current, your application will be transferred to the U.S. Consulate in the sibling’s country. After undergoing an interview at the consulate, a visa will be stamped into the immigrating sibling’s passport, and their green card will be mailed they arrive in the U.S.

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