Immigrant Sponsorship: What You Should Know

Those who immigrate to the united states on family-based grounds must have a financial sponsor. This ensures that immigrants have an easier time adjusting to America within the safety net of their sponsor. Sponsors help immigrants by providing a safe living situation, food, jobs, and support. Keep reading to find out more about immigrant sponsorship.

Initial Steps

To begin the process, a sponsor must file Form I-864, Affidavit of Support which indicates the sponsor’s willingness to accept responsibility for their relative and commit to helping them settle in the United States. An affidavit of support also guarantees that the immigrant will not need to rely on public benefits like Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income.

Sponsors must also meet the financial prerequisites. Sponsors must prove an income level of at least 125% above the Federal poverty level to qualify for sponsorship. If the potential sponsor’s income does not meet the requirement, their checking and savings accounts, investments, and real property will be assessed and valued.

Once a sponsor has filed the correct paperwork, meets the financial requirements, and provides a safe place for the immigrants, they may be relieved of their financial obligation when the person they sponsor becomes a citizen, works for at lest ten years, or otherwise leaves the United States.

New Rules

In 2019, The Trump administration issued a memorandum on the legal responsibilities of sponsors. According to the document, sponsored immigrants can apply for means-based public benefits the sponsor must reimburse the agency providing the benefits. Failure to repay the agency could result in legal action and financial penalties.

Your Options

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