White House Declares June National Immigrant Heritage Month

The White House has declared June 2022 to be National Immigrant Heritage Month. Keep reading to learn more.

A Legacy of Advancement

In the press release from the White House, President Biden recognizes the endless contributions of immigrants to the United States and the sacrifices they made to find peace on American soil. As a nation of immigrants, the U.S.is entirely unique and has become a haven for those seeking safety and a fresh start.

The President points out that immigrants and their entrepreneurial spirit have been major contributors to the rich tapestry of this country. Immigrants have brought advancement and change to the country over the decades and have provided critical services to the nation as a whole.

From the COVID-19 pandemic to agricultural innovation, immigrants are responsible for changing the way America approaches crises. These advancements have created countless jobs and opportunities for generations – opportunities that still flourish today.

Commitment to Support

The Biden Administration also reaffirmed its commitment to supporting immigration into the United States in light of the turmoil that continues to plague immigration and all other aspects of the government.

The White House stated, “An important part of our commitment is recognizing that, too often, immigrants face discrimination, xenophobia, and violence. To confront the dangerous ideology of hate requires caring about all people — including our Nation’s immigrants.”

A New Day For Immigration

In a showing of public support for the continuation of the immigration system in the United States, the Biden Administration has officially proclaimed June 2022 to be National Immigrant Heritage Month. According to the press release, National Immigrant Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the incredible contributions of the immigrant communities across the country and focus on the diversity and rich cultures that immigrants bring with them.


As mentioned in the release, citizenship enables immigrants to fully participate in society and contribute unique talents to American history. While citizenship is an honor, it is also a hard-fought battle for status.

Many people do not understand the difficulties and sacrifices immigrants make when they choose to pursue citizenship. Many leave their families and homes behind for the benefit of their children and these sacrifices are sometimes made in vain when the system denies their entry.

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