Ohio Farmer Immigration Bill Updates

For some time, Ohio farmers have been pushing for legislation to allow more migrants to qualify for work visas. However, the legislation they have hoped for has been struck down from a federal spending bill. Keep reading for more information.

Shortages and Difficulties

For years, farms have been short workers while farmers have had their fair share of hardship as a result. Industries everywhere have seen a sharply increasing need for foreign workers. From technology to the arts, industry advancement has slowed and many attributes recent plateaus to blockages in the immigration system and intentional legislation intended to slow or even stop the acceptance of immigrants into the U.S.

The American Business Immigration Coalition Action group has been at the helm of the national push for immigration reform. Their belief is that immigrants are the cure to what ails the economy and the source of American advancement. The Coalition has been pushing for the passage of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act which would ease food costs by solving the labor shortage with H-2A visas. This legislation is intended to protect DREAMERS and others within the immigration system.

Critical Failure

The Farm workforce Modernization Act has failed to pass as it was removed from the larger funding bill it was a part of. While this is a critical failure to support farmers, it also raises questions about the future of H-2A visas. Agriculture is not the only industry suffering from labor shortages, and as the economy continues to go through a rough patch, the need for immigrant’s sharper still.


While Congress may not have taken strides to protect workers and immigrants there are legal options for those seeking immigration status. Sintsirmas & Mueller Co. L.P.A. has experience handling a variety of cases including work visas. Our attorneys can assist clients with every step of the visa process and may offer support.

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