Immigrants Could Solve Ohio’s Labor Shortage

The United States is in a labor crisis as workers leave their jobs for better prospects, and employers refuse to fill the void. The pandemic also gave millions of people the opportunity to work from home, which is now a point of contention as offices open back up amid lower infection rates.

As for Ohio, the labor shortage is taking a toll on the state’s economy. While some people are moving to Ohio for work or cheaper living, the demand for workers in Ohio is too high to satisfy without the help of a larger group. The solution? Immigrants.

Why Does Ohio Have a Labor Shortage?

Ohio has a labor shortage for many reasons. The overall population is aging, and retiring and global competitors are offering better pay and benefits for OH talent. These issues are compounded by the national labor crisis and economic problems that plague a post-lockdown economy.

In October alone, employers posted over 315,216 job listings – the highest number in recorded history. Employers are desperate for registered nurses, truck drivers, retail workers, software developers, and computer operations.

These highly skilled positions require applicants to have enough education and experience to perform well. Despite popular belief, retail workers are extremely valuable to the economy and daily life, sometimes more than other professions.

These shortages are halting production, limiting access to goods and services, and creating backlogs and delays that seriously impact the state’s economy.

Immigrants Can Solve the Problem

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with the Ohio Business for Immigration Solutions to remedy these issues. Both the Chamber and the OBIS hope to change how OH employers attract and retain talent.

This new approach begins with the vast untouched immigrant labor force waiting for opportunity to strike. Local businesses, trade organizations, and economic development groups will join forces to help make this goal a reality.

The Chamber and OBIS will use their resources and supporters to push for policies to improve conditions for immigrant workers and advocate for access to green cards for talented workers. So far, local businesses have supported the cause, which has helped Ohio Business for Immigrant Solutions triple in growth with representatives from every geographic region.

Positive Growth

Petaflex INC., a metal stampings manufacturing company, has already hired 20 Haitian immigrants to stabilize the workforce. Other companies are also taking note of the benefits immigrant workers provide.

As more employers seek out talent among immigrant populations in OH, there will continue to be positive growth in the local economy. Over time, these efforts may also solve the labor shortage problem and stabilize the state’s job market.

Employment Visas

If you are an immigrant seeking work in Ohio, now is the time to apply for a green card or work visa. Employers are looking for immigrants specifically to fill the void at their companies. Community organizers are pushing for better benefits and perks for immigrants so take advantage of these opportunities!

If you want to apply for a green card or work visa, contact Sintsirmas & Mueller Co. L.P.A. We are a local law firm that helps immigrants achieve their goals, and we can help you too.