Trump Administration Announces New Immigration Policies for Citizenship Applications

Last month, President Trump unveiled a controversial new proposal that will move the U.S. from a family-based immigration system to what officials in his administration have described as an employment- and skill-based system.

The latest immigration proposal has two parts. The first part focuses on physical infrastructure, particularly funding for the President’s long desired border wall, which would be financed by new fees on trade collected at the border. The second part of the plan is to revamp the points system for immigrants trying to apply for U.S. citizenship.

According to senior officials in the Trump administration, the transition from family-based to employment- and skill-based will substantially change the population receiving American citizenship toward a more highly educated, higher-income group.

How Would the Points System Work?

Officials have compared the point-based citizenship application to tests students take in school. “Similar to AP U.S. history with high school and college students – you’d read some of the core documents, take an online class that many colleges offer for free and sit for a civics exam,” one official said when describing the U.S. civics test applicants would be required to take under the proposal.

Applicants would also have to go through basic health and criminal record checks and would receive points based on the following factors:

  • Their age
  • English proficiency
  • Offer of employment
  • Investment and job creation pledge
  • Educational and vocational certifications

Like other immigration policies and priorities previously announced by the Trump administration, there appears to be no set timeline for when this new plan would be implemented.

Family-Based & Employment-Based Immigration Services

At Sintsirmas & Mueller Co. L.P.A., we are committed to helping clients with their family-based and employment-based immigration cases, regardless of what policies are created under the current administration. While this latest plan is intended to limit applicants who have been sponsored by family living in the U.S., our attorneys know that this method of coming to the U.S. has allowed countless hardworking individuals and their families obtain citizenship so they can pursue their American Dream.

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