What Should I Do if ICE Comes to My House?

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Whether you are an undocumented student, a recent undocumented immigrant, a green card-holder, or person of any other immigrant status, you may have to interact with ICE agents at some point and it’s important to know who to call if it happens. At Sintsirmas & Mueller Co. L.P.A., it’s our mission to serve you during such moments.

What to Do When ICE Agents Knock on Your Door

If immigration agents come to your house, do not open the door right away. It is safer to speak with them through the door or through a screen, if possible.

It is important that you are able to dialogue with ICE agents or other law enforcement if they show up at your door. If they do not speak your language, you may request an interpreter or communicate with them through a family member or friend. Once you are able to communicate with them, ask about their warrant. If they do not have a warrant, you do not have to allow them into your home. You may ask that they show you the warrant, so that you can be confident they are operating on proper legal authority.

Do not open the door without proof of a warrant for arrest or search issued by a judge or court, and do not speak with ICE agents without an experienced immigration attorney. If ICE enters your home, you and everyone in your home may refuse to speak to them until your legal counsel arrives. During this time, it is important that you do not resist, lie to, or otherwise pit yourself against law enforcement.

If you are worried about deportation, uncertain of your immigration status, currently dealing with ICE agents, or are experiencing any other immigration-related challenges, let our experienced team of Cleveland immigration lawyers serve you. Get in touch with us today by calling (881) 491-8770 or contacting us here.