How to Get a Fiance Visa

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If you are a United States citizen and you are getting married (or hoping to get married) to a foreign national, chances are you’re already a bit nervous about wading through the infamously challenging immigration process, especially in light of recent, controversial changes to US immigration policies. However, having the right legal support can make it much easier and improve your odds of getting the desired outcome. At Sintsirmas & Mueller Co. L.P.A., we are prepared to lend our experience and our knowledge to your case, so that you can look forward to wedded bliss instead of stressing about immigration process.

Understanding Your Visa Options

If you are a US citizen engaged to a foreign national, your fiancé could qualify to receive a marriage green card or K-1 visa. If they are able to get a K-1 visa, it will allow them to come to the United States and stay in order to get married within 90 days, but it does not provide them permanent or long-term residence, the ability to work in the US, or any other privileges that would be important if they decide to stay in the country.

If you plan to get married in the US but do not intend to live there after being married, your fiancé may be eligible for a tourist visa, which allows them to reside in the country for a few months. However, if they come to the US on a tourist visa, get married, then immediately apply for a green card, it could create an appearance of having abused the tourist visa. This could result in denial of their green card application and cause problems going forward if you wish to live in the US together long-term.

Applying for a K-1 Fiancé Visa

In order to be eligible to receive a K-1 visa, there are a few requirements. First of all, you must be currently engaged to be married to a US citizen, which means you may not be eligible to begin the application process until you have popped the question. You must also be legally able to marry and not married to anyone else. It is also important that you and your betrothed have met in person within the past two years and spent time together, though this is the only flexible requirement. The US government will be interested in obtaining proof of your wedding plans, such as a chosen venue, a specified date, deposits on flower arrangements, etc., as proof that you actually plan to get married.

The US government also has a vested interested in verifying the legitimacy of your romantic relationship. The interview process is intended to make sure you are not abusing fiancé and marriage visas to gain entrance into the country. You can also expect to be grilled about important dates, how you met, your dating relationship up to the present, etc. It will be important that you and your fiancé are on the same page when it comes to birthdays, trips you’ve taken, knowledge of one another’s families, etc. It may be valuable to bring tangible proof such as plane tickets, receipts, and other such items that prove you have kept record of time together and that it is important to you.

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