Penalties for Lying on an Immigration Application

When piecing together your immigration application, we know you want to make yourself look as good as possible. It may be tempting to provide false information about potentially questionable aspects of your past or omit important details entirely. While you may not want to include accurate information (or any information at all) about a previous marriage, criminal charges, or other time spent in the United States, leaving it out or providing false information can create even bigger problems for you.

Perhaps the most significant penalty for lying or omitting information on an immigration application is your loss of credibility, which could potentially bar you from ever immigrating or traveling to the United States in the future. Even if you later reveal that you are afraid to return to your home country due to political, religious, or other persecution-based danger, a judge will be far less likely to take your word for it.

Lying or omitting important information on an immigration application is also considered grounds for inadmissibility in the United States. If you are determined to be inadmissible, you will never be allowed to obtain a visa, green card, other immigrant status, or entrance into the United States, except in rare circumstances.

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