Surviving Immigration Uncertainty

At a time where travel bans and immigration laws are such a hot topic, it can be difficult to find peace and security either as a U.S. citizen or an immigrant. Educational professionals and student immigrants in particular may feel a rush of uncertainty about their status in the U.S., especially as graduation dates loom closer.

In order to survive this time of uncertainty in regards to immigration, it is important to keep tabs on the new immigration laws and restrictions, and to be prepared to protect yourself. For information about immigration in the current climate and tips for surviving the uncertainty, we’ve gathered a bit of helpful advice.

Travel with Your Documents

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has the authority check travelers for proper documentation upon their arrival to the United States. Additionally, the Customs and Border Protection officers can search electronic devices when permitting U.S. citizens to reenter the United States. These officers may refuse passage from non-citizens. For these reasons, it is always important to take any crucial documents with you. Bring copies of any papers or documents that apply to your immigration status or citizenship. These documents may come in the form of a U.S. or foreign passport, green card, Form I-94, or a Department of Homeland Security admission.

DACA Program Recipients

The deferred action for childhood arrivals program, also called DACA, allows illegal immigrant children to remain in the United States as they attend school and obtain a good education. President Trump has informed DACA recipients, or “dreamers,” as they have been called, that he is taking compassionate consideration of their situation. However, there have, nonetheless, been a few deportations of DACA recipients. Children are on-edge about this issue, but the important thing to remember is that dreamer deportations are not the priority, and protection for those who qualify for DACA is still in effect.

DACA recipients with criminal issues might not be guaranteed renewal, but they are not out of luck. If you are a dreamer and fear deportation for criminal activity, contact an immigration attorney at our firm as soon as possible.

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