USCIS Has Reached Approval Cap for U Visas

U-1 nonimmigrant status (U visas) petitions for fiscal year 2016 will no longer be approved, as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has reached the maximum of 10,000 U visa approvals. U Visas are issued to victims of significant physical or mental abuse who agree to assist the authorities with the investigation and prosecution of their cases.

USCIS has reached the statutory maximum seven years in a row, helping more than 117,000 victims and their families find protection while bolstering law enforcement’s efforts to prosecute domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault cases.

USCIS will continue to review all pending petitions. Any eligible applicants will be placed on a waiting list for issuance when U visas become available again on the first day of fiscal year 2017, which is October 1st, 2016. They will receive notification of their placement, as well as information regarding alternative options that are available to them while they wait.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of abuse, contact Sintsirmas & Mueller Co. L.P.A. to discuss your options.