Naturalization FAQ

The process of becoming a naturalized citizen in the United States can be confusing and time-consuming. In this blog, our Cleveland immigration attorney aims to answer some of the basic frequently asked questions regarding immigration.

Who is born as a US Citizen?

You can be born as US citizen if you are born in the United States or if you are born from a US citizen. If you were born abroad and both of your parents are US citizens, then you would be a US citizen. If you were born to one US citizen abroad, you would be considered a US citizen if your parent lived in the US at least five years before you are born. You parent would have to have lived at least two of those five years in the US while they were over 14. There are exceptions to this rule, so contacting an experienced Twinsburg immigration lawyer to discuss the specifics of your case is recommended.

How Can I Become a US Citizen?

To become a US citizen, you must apply to become a citizen through the naturalization process. This exact specifics for this process can vary depending on your age and situation.

If I was convicted of a crime, should I tell my immigration attorney?

Yes. For our Twinsburg immigration attorneys to provide you with the best legal options available to you, it is crucial for you to be honest with us. If you were arrested, but not convicted report this information to us as well. Remember even if the crime you committed was a minor crime, the USCIS could reject your application for failure to inform the immigration officer.

Helping You Realize Your Goals

At Sintsirmas & Mueller Co. L.P.A., our goal is to provide you with the necessary information you need to meet your naturalization goals. Contact us today to speak to an experienced Cleveland immigration attorney today.